Wednesday, 18 April 2012

So tidy playroom again...

This morning right after send the kids to school I decided to clean and organise the kids playroom upstair (top floor) and it is now looking immaculate. But I wonder whether it would last a second? It didn't because my toddler was with me and while I was putting the toys away, he is also there taking it out. Funny, how a little child can make a lot of mess in just a matter of seconds. That is why I refuse to tidy their playroom everyday, I can't be bothered anymore. I think twice a week is good enough, even once a week will do. Anyway, it's all done now, cleaned and organised but crossing my fingers it will stay like this for the rest of the day, lol.
Did some cleaning and organising up here but how long will it last?Finally the kids tv is up but it's look so small - I supposed it's only 40 inches. Wait until they demand a big screen, lol.At the other end is the kids computer and the other sofa-;)

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