Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stop my not-so-strict diet...

Before trying any diet pills one must know about its healthy trim side effects. The numbers of pills you can get nowadays are tremendous. So, always best to check the best and pills works well with your body. Where ever you are in the world, you can see slimming products posters around. The numbers of users are growing too - perhaps more people are body and health conscious these days. I can't blame them for I am one of the most conscious when it comes to body. Though, I don't do extremely serious to change my look but what I'm going to is to impose a strict healthy diet for my family. On occasions, we do cheat (well, most of the time, as in cheat - pig-out...), lol. Now, it's time to remind myself to lower down my calories/carbs intake because I'm no longer size 6 or size zero in which I was 6 yrs ago. Taking diet pills might be an option! One day, when I have no choice anymore.

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