Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Swimming made him got up...

My 6yo son has his swimming lesson everyday Wednesday morning right straight out after we dropped them to school, their very first lesson of the day. So glad, I don't need to pay anymore swimming classes outside for their school provides it all. This is my son's second time time of swimming lesson since he joined the new school - and is the reason why he got up early this morning without a fuss. Imagine, just this once he got up without whinging and whining (as he always do) but said instead, 'how glad he is for it is morning'. Just because he was so excited for his swimming lesson. It's one big plus for the school to have their own pool as they can give every kid at their school a chance to learn how to swim without the parents having to search or enroll them anywhere. Though, the payment is includes with school fees but having to go in a different place for a swimming lessons is a lot hassle, right? Luckily, my kids has it at their school.

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