Tuesday, 15 May 2012

He looks like his Lola

The moment I saw him without his two front teeth it reminded me of someone who is very dear to me, no other than my very own Mother. She has lost pretty much all her teeth after carried and given birth to 11 healthy children whom had taken all her body calcium. Well, it's apparently the most common thing to happen when you given birth a lot of times. Anyway, my 6yo is proudly showing his toothless smile right after school. Unfortunately he lost his tooth this time at school. So, what we told him to do is to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining how and where he lost his tooth. And maybe he will still get something sparkles in return. I guess it won't be much though but it'll be better than nothing. He is quite keen to get a penny from the Mother tooth fairy to add into his piggy bank. He is saving his money for a special toy he is eyeing all this time. That is why he is always excited having another loose tooth. Here's a photo of him with his very cute toothless smile - I thought to document it for keepsake:)
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Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Scales...

AffordableScales.com for scales is where I am right now browsing for that perfect one, affordable and will work well with me especially we are in the process of starting our losing weight programmed, desperately. Yes we are working on how to keep a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, my last scales was totally crap and this time I want to buy the best one and I don't care if I have to pay extra anymore. Would you believe that when you are being tight and always trying to look for a cheap stuff you'll end up spending more? Yes, I do believed so. You get what you pay for, as they say...

My Big girl's school trip...

Yesterday (Friday) at 8pm we went picked up our big girl at school from her 3 days trip and as always the last one to be pick. We we're early but late. Well, arrived there exactly the time they told us to pick her up but was told that they'll be half an hour delayed because they were caught by the Friday rush hour traffic. So, we decided to drive around the Colwyn town and the Old Colwyn then got really lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was hubby's fault for not believing in his 'Tom-tom' (Satnav) which told us that the road we were in was a dead-end. Anyway, so much for our dawdling or whatever you call it. As we pick our daughter, she looks really happy, content and excited. And as we head back home, she told us everything about her trip. She's really really happy that she had the chance to go out and get to know her new friends and classmates. She was extremely overjoyed and so it's overwhelming to see her that happy. It was worth every penny. Now, we know what will be our next priority, her passport renewal because in the next school year they are planning for a trip somewhere in Europe. It's going to be another exciting year for her. I'm delighted and so is hubby for she settled really well at her new school. We couldn't be more proud:)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Still unpacking and organising...

I have been running errands pretty much everyday. Also, looking for the rest of furniture that goes with out dining room. Yes, after weeks moaning about it, its finally done. We started our organising the day after it was finish but still there are boxes of things that need to be unpack. Its driving me nuts looking the chaos it made in our hallway. I so want to be all organised before my FIL's visit. I have about 3 weeks to have it all done. Sitting most of the time is not helping. Oh well, I'll do a bit everyday and see how it goes. For now, all I can think of is getting my stools for my kitchen bar and some indoor plants for my bathroom, dining and living rooms. Oh, did I say that I'm pondering to get this rustic desks type of thing? I thought it would go well with the other furniture at the kids playroom upstairs. I simply love wood furniture!

Hammered and bashed

curios mind
I am not sure what we were thinking when we put a television in our room with its stand only and not wall-mount it. After all this year it has been up in the wall because we knew exactly what's going to happen if we don't wall-mount the thing. But since we move, we have a little bit of problem of the builders whom keep resuming their works and left us the unusable dining and living room. So, we decided to place the television in our bedroom while the builders carry on working in the 2 said rooms. I knew it wasn't a good idea but what else we can do? After few days of the television being in our bedroom, William noticed it. First he was just touching it and then with his interest he moved to the speakers and re-arranged it all as well as the other bits of pieces and me kept telling him off at warned Daddy too that it won't be long until he will bashed it. Did I thought wrong? It only took couple of days when he found Daddy's tool box and got all the screw drivers out and drills, hammers and bashed it into the television screen. I was downstairs cooking our lunch when I suddenly heard (after a very quite few minutes) a 'BIG BANG'. With my thoughts all over the place I ran towards upstairs and found out the real disasters. But in the other hand I was thankful that my toddler was not hurt. Materials can be replace but not life. Yes, it is such ashamed that our 46 inches FULL HD 1080 LCD flat screen television is totally wrecked and dented. But we live and learn:)

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