Tuesday, 15 May 2012

He looks like his Lola

The moment I saw him without his two front teeth it reminded me of someone who is very dear to me, no other than my very own Mother. She has lost pretty much all her teeth after carried and given birth to 11 healthy children whom had taken all her body calcium. Well, it's apparently the most common thing to happen when you given birth a lot of times. Anyway, my 6yo is proudly showing his toothless smile right after school. Unfortunately he lost his tooth this time at school. So, what we told him to do is to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining how and where he lost his tooth. And maybe he will still get something sparkles in return. I guess it won't be much though but it'll be better than nothing. He is quite keen to get a penny from the Mother tooth fairy to add into his piggy bank. He is saving his money for a special toy he is eyeing all this time. That is why he is always excited having another loose tooth. Here's a photo of him with his very cute toothless smile - I thought to document it for keepsake:)
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