Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Big girl's school trip...

Yesterday (Friday) at 8pm we went picked up our big girl at school from her 3 days trip and as always the last one to be pick. We we're early but late. Well, arrived there exactly the time they told us to pick her up but was told that they'll be half an hour delayed because they were caught by the Friday rush hour traffic. So, we decided to drive around the Colwyn town and the Old Colwyn then got really lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was hubby's fault for not believing in his 'Tom-tom' (Satnav) which told us that the road we were in was a dead-end. Anyway, so much for our dawdling or whatever you call it. As we pick our daughter, she looks really happy, content and excited. And as we head back home, she told us everything about her trip. She's really really happy that she had the chance to go out and get to know her new friends and classmates. She was extremely overjoyed and so it's overwhelming to see her that happy. It was worth every penny. Now, we know what will be our next priority, her passport renewal because in the next school year they are planning for a trip somewhere in Europe. It's going to be another exciting year for her. I'm delighted and so is hubby for she settled really well at her new school. We couldn't be more proud:)

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