Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Still unpacking and organising...

I have been running errands pretty much everyday. Also, looking for the rest of furniture that goes with out dining room. Yes, after weeks moaning about it, its finally done. We started our organising the day after it was finish but still there are boxes of things that need to be unpack. Its driving me nuts looking the chaos it made in our hallway. I so want to be all organised before my FIL's visit. I have about 3 weeks to have it all done. Sitting most of the time is not helping. Oh well, I'll do a bit everyday and see how it goes. For now, all I can think of is getting my stools for my kitchen bar and some indoor plants for my bathroom, dining and living rooms. Oh, did I say that I'm pondering to get this rustic desks type of thing? I thought it would go well with the other furniture at the kids playroom upstairs. I simply love wood furniture!

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