Friday, 27 July 2012

Future insurance...

         In life we always look for that simplification to everything. If only there is such, right? But the fact is,  not everything is simple no matter how we ought to be. There are really complex ones but not all especially when it comes to life insurances. Maybe some can/will give you hard time when applying but surely not the one I've applied recently. I got it from the post office staff here in our town when I was mailing something to a friend. It was really a life saver when she asked me if I already got one. Unfortunately, I haven't and nor is hubby. So, we applied as soon as possible and by giving us quotes first, they already simplified our tasks. I can honestly tell how affordable and easy the steps/processing are and not to mention, they also offer a no exam life insurance quotes, so there's nothing more you need? It certainly works for us therefore, it will also works for you. Yes, we can't be more grateful now that everything's in place and sorted. The future is secured.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

K at Two

         K has all that privilege to experienced as an only child for 4 years without any competition for anything and everything. She was the centre of attention not only to us (her parents) but to my family as well especially to her Lolo and Lola. She was undoubtedly the easiest baby out of my 3. At the age of 2, she was already potty trained and 6 months after she was completely out of nappy. Soon after that she then started joining playgroup at Playhouse - her first ever school that was. But can you imagine how most of the toddler cry on their first day? We have none of that with K, she kick Daddy out the room on her first day, yes that quick! She was that confident and independent little girl who always loves school. She was one of the teacher's favourite and they were all sad as soon as she left. Short period of time in that school but most memorable. It's a place where she met her first puppy suitor. So funny and so cute that little Korean boy was. He used to hold K's hand every single time they have outdoor activities and there we've seen how caring, sweet and loving young fella he is. Hopefully, he stayed that way. I actually have some pictures but will share it next time. For now, I'll just share few of my K's toddler pictures. She was only 2's in these photos but it didn't feel that long ago. Time certainly flies! She's now all grown.

her first school (playhouse aka bright academy) picture taken by Daddy
world book day at her school
My Baby Kk with ate Egay
with cousin MG
Again taken by Daddy at Grandpa's
with mummy at Grandma and Grandpa's

Rewarding in a right way...

         As a child, I wasn't as creative as my daughter now. At her age, her love of arts are hugely increasing. She is quite creative in many ways and we thought it's only right to utilised her with all her needs. It's a little indulging but she deserves it all. I might even get her some lapel pins custom so that she can make a personal pins to use in her coming school trip. She would definitely love the idea but should wait until I order it before telling her to avoid disappointments in case it will not turn out right. We love surprising our kids once in a while especially when they complete their day to day chores as per listed. But more to the point doing it without any complain at all.

3 Kids watching 3 different kids shows

        Not long ago when I was only a kid and used to play sticks, empty tins, rocks, rubber bands and more. Any Filipino kid in my age and probably older or younger could relate this. Mind you, I was one of 11 brood and buying each a toy is the last thing my parents wouldt do. Even our schooling was already a struggle for them. But, spending quality with my entire family during weekends and most of the nights was the best thing in the world that I could remember and will treasure it for the rest of my life. I felt nothing but special for the rest of my childhood and teenage life. I may not have everything like other rich kids have but rest assured that everything I have back then was more than enough and it surely made me this person who I am today - kindhearted, loving and will always appreciate simple things in life. 

       Anyway, so much for that story telling of my childhood life. Now, back to my kids. To compare their life to mine is quite a contrast. They are born with a spoon and plate to their mouth - not grand as silver but good enough to start off. They have boxes and boxes of toys - more than they can play, a cupboard full of clothes and shoes, electronics gadgets like DS, computers, Wii and a television each. Although, we refused to put a television on each of their bedroom nor computers for we want to make sure it is used under our supervision. But it didn't stop them having that privilege to watch each of their shows, anytime. So, guess what? That is what my 3 doing right now, watching each of their programme in 3 different televisions. It's too much, right? Well, not even a single 10 inches tv back in my days.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Keeping a healthy lifestyle...

     With the growing numbers of obese in the world, we (parents) should be more cautious about what to feed to our kids. Junks is never a choice and shouldn't we be aware of the contents of it? Oh yeah, it is injected with many preservatives that can lead to obesity. I know how kids are a lot fussier these days and so we have to imply a quite strict 5 a day rules! And let us make sure they take all the goodness that their body needs - like fresh veggies and fruits. Because we don't want to them to grow unhealthy and overweight as it is becoming the nation's biggest fear.

    Not that there isn't any ways to lose weight though. I know few of my friends started buying and using diet pills from this shop and so far so good. They actually recommend it to my husband but none of these diet pills he is interested trying. He prefer and stick to his old one that he previously and currently use. Oh well, whatever works I supposed. Alright, my son isn't the slimmest boy in town but I'm working to help him trim down a bit and that will be our ultimate goal for this summer.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oh has he grown...

Where are those fat cheeks and the chunky chicken legs gone? I miss those days, my little one is now a grown up little boy. Who talks a lot and chatter at me all day. By the way, that pathetic look when he cries? Oh he still got it, lol.
10 of July - little feet IMG_9554 IMG_3111 IMG_3113 IMG_8496 IMG_8405 IMG_3114

Music Electronic Gadgets

How do you like music? Are you keeping up with the new trends? How about music gadgets? Do you have all these latest ones? When I was little I used to love playing guitar everyday even though I wasn't that good. And if I was given a chance I would probably take a voice lesson even if I didn't have the voice. Yes, I was that mad about music and really wanted to a pop star. Just as well we couldn't afford, I thought;). Anyway, I see potential for my kids and I might enroll them with other music instrument lesson. K, already can play piano and C just started. I just can't imagine them demanding all these newest and high-tech music gadgets. But it's better not be a traktor s2 for it cost fortune. I can only afford the low key ones. Well, it depends really...if they are as music minded as I wish them to be then maybe...

Tastiest home-made burger

Okay, he went to work, did some grocery shopping and came home then cooked and prepared our dinner. How is that mean to be fair for him? Poor guy, yeah? You'll never hear him complain at all. He even put up with me all these years and still I has not change a bit, still a lazy butt and a moaner who likes doing nothing but b****r all day. I feel so much guilty but he said, I shouldn't need to because I did my bit by looking after the kids and do housekeeping while he is at work. Oh well, he loves cooking and honestly a better cook than me. As I said, I'll do the dishes afterwards. So, maybe he is right I shouldn't feel too guilty:) Oh, by the way this is what we all had for dinner tonight. Hubby's very own home-made burger. It's the tastiest ever...
Homemade burger for tonight's dinner

Stick with the classic...

If you go with the flow you'll end up in debt. It is the problem to those who are trends follower and I'm no exception. I love buying what's on the trend but as I mature I learn to wait until it's on sale. Because most of the items/products I have are a result of impulsed buying and it ain't helping our future if we tend to spend more than we earn. It's the major cause of poverty in Philippines and still is because of a bad money management. So, I learn to wait and what's couple/few months to wait anyway? It is the period of time when the shops start reducing their newer trends. Not so different to furniture and other home accessories too. They tend to sale a lot these days and it's always better to be patience and wait for the right price you are willing to pay. Like, the round picnic table I so wanted this summer but the thing is, it will probably on sale in the end of season but do I need it now? Definitely not! So, I could buy this Autumn when it's already reduced, most likely half-price if not more then use it next summer. Sounds an idea, right? Or best stick with the classic so you don't need to keep changing it with the fear that it will be out of trends. But, I don't care about the trends when it comes to furniture because our house are mostly furnished with the traditional classic furniture. It's better this way, spent and splurged once but you can use it for the long-term/decades.

Too long...

He is finally here after sent him for a grocery shopping right after his work. But it took him in the region of 2 and bit hours for just few list of things I ask him to get? Worst as me going shopping and I thought men are a lot faster and more direct to the point. Give them a list, grab it and chuck it to the trolley and pay, boom...done! I bet he is buying more than I ask him for. It's always the case when you go shopping with your hungry tummy. You tend to pick up things that your eyes want to eat, on that very moment. Oh well, I just have to have my dinner a little later than I normally have. It's not the end of the world! The good side of it is, I have more food to last for this week. It's not always bad to let the man do the grocery shopping. Besides, that they'll never stick to what's on the list, they also account it on their own card. It can't get any better than that, haha.

Packaging supply

It never really occur to me before that we will be moving from one house to another - it just happen spontaneously. But we did it many times, so we can do it again. Oh no! NOT! Never is a word before and probably for many years to come. But one thing we know for sure, there ain't definite in this world. Who would have thought that I can be living here further North of Britain? Even hubby haven't been to this side of UK before but Fate brought us here. With all the good opportunities poured on your way you migth as well grab the chances. But the only drawback is, the packing and unpacking, nothing more...However, removal company makes our life a lot easier but providing all the packaging supplies we need and if not more and it make the packing a lot simpler and easier.

Little one has an Allergy

It is possible that even the parents don't have the allergies the child still gets it. In our cases it's proven and I don't know why but it's the fact. My little one has got allergies but the thing is, we don't exactly know what he is allergy with. It could be many things. It could be nuts, an allergy reaction to Ibuprofen, seafood...God know's what! All we know for sure is he gets this skin irritation every now and then and it usually appear when he has any of the said thing that we suspected he maybe allergy with. Just like, two weeks ago when he had the same case again. After that, we thought it's best to take him for a test to be definite and so on. I know that allergies with the kids are so common these days but further action is a must when in doubt. And that is what we are going to do to make sure what food he can take and what to avoid.
Allergy attack but not really sure what cause it all but every now and then he gets something like this - we suspect it could be nut or ibuprofen allergy;(

TV stand anyone?

I didn't think we would be buying any corner tv stand at all. Since we prefer wall mounting. But this time I insisted that tv stand is probably the best option especially upstairs at the kids playroom. Yes, we do have 3 television set, one upstairs (3rd floor), one in our bedroom (master) and third one in the living room. To wall mount it all is probably a bit too much we can manage plus we avoid making too many holes in our walls. Luckily, when we buy our tv stands, there were pretty good deals around and just last weekend we even bought one more. Now, we have extra one and to whoever want it just pm me, anytime.

Officially on school holiday:)

Looks like I have to keep my kids entertain for 8 weeks as they are officially on school holiday. The end of term was last Friday at 12:30 and proud as I say they both brought home a very good school report, as always. We couldn't get any prouder and we can only but hope that they'll carry on the good work they've started all through. And the other thing they made us proud are their participation in their school activities. I may have mention this before but I'll mentioned it again that my princess K has been selected to be part of the Rounder's team (a girl's sports originated here in Britain which is introduced in America - made it a men's sports and rename it Baseball). Sports is becoming part of their everyday lessons and they'll have different ones introduce in every term. I must say, it's one of the reason why we got attracted to this school. But also they achieved in high academic. So, we will see how they'll do next school year. For now, I have to think of everyday activity that I can do with them while on summer holiday.

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