Thursday, 26 July 2012

3 Kids watching 3 different kids shows

        Not long ago when I was only a kid and used to play sticks, empty tins, rocks, rubber bands and more. Any Filipino kid in my age and probably older or younger could relate this. Mind you, I was one of 11 brood and buying each a toy is the last thing my parents wouldt do. Even our schooling was already a struggle for them. But, spending quality with my entire family during weekends and most of the nights was the best thing in the world that I could remember and will treasure it for the rest of my life. I felt nothing but special for the rest of my childhood and teenage life. I may not have everything like other rich kids have but rest assured that everything I have back then was more than enough and it surely made me this person who I am today - kindhearted, loving and will always appreciate simple things in life. 

       Anyway, so much for that story telling of my childhood life. Now, back to my kids. To compare their life to mine is quite a contrast. They are born with a spoon and plate to their mouth - not grand as silver but good enough to start off. They have boxes and boxes of toys - more than they can play, a cupboard full of clothes and shoes, electronics gadgets like DS, computers, Wii and a television each. Although, we refused to put a television on each of their bedroom nor computers for we want to make sure it is used under our supervision. But it didn't stop them having that privilege to watch each of their shows, anytime. So, guess what? That is what my 3 doing right now, watching each of their programme in 3 different televisions. It's too much, right? Well, not even a single 10 inches tv back in my days.

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