Thursday, 26 July 2012

K at Two

         K has all that privilege to experienced as an only child for 4 years without any competition for anything and everything. She was the centre of attention not only to us (her parents) but to my family as well especially to her Lolo and Lola. She was undoubtedly the easiest baby out of my 3. At the age of 2, she was already potty trained and 6 months after she was completely out of nappy. Soon after that she then started joining playgroup at Playhouse - her first ever school that was. But can you imagine how most of the toddler cry on their first day? We have none of that with K, she kick Daddy out the room on her first day, yes that quick! She was that confident and independent little girl who always loves school. She was one of the teacher's favourite and they were all sad as soon as she left. Short period of time in that school but most memorable. It's a place where she met her first puppy suitor. So funny and so cute that little Korean boy was. He used to hold K's hand every single time they have outdoor activities and there we've seen how caring, sweet and loving young fella he is. Hopefully, he stayed that way. I actually have some pictures but will share it next time. For now, I'll just share few of my K's toddler pictures. She was only 2's in these photos but it didn't feel that long ago. Time certainly flies! She's now all grown.

her first school (playhouse aka bright academy) picture taken by Daddy
world book day at her school
My Baby Kk with ate Egay
with cousin MG
Again taken by Daddy at Grandpa's
with mummy at Grandma and Grandpa's


Redruby said...

nice kaayo haze..chasing memories jud..

Jerla Oh lalala said...

was here visiting back :)

feel free to join sa 366 BPC meme. any pics lng pwede as long as wholesome hehhehehe. then link to my blog url. visit other entries and comment pra mo visit and comment back sila sa imo :)

Jerla Oh lalala said...

dali ra kaayo ni dagan ang panahon, kron dalaga na kaayo ang prinsesa, while ang mami wlang kupas ang pgka dalaga looking pod hehhehe

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