Friday, 13 July 2012

Keeping a healthy lifestyle...

     With the growing numbers of obese in the world, we (parents) should be more cautious about what to feed to our kids. Junks is never a choice and shouldn't we be aware of the contents of it? Oh yeah, it is injected with many preservatives that can lead to obesity. I know how kids are a lot fussier these days and so we have to imply a quite strict 5 a day rules! And let us make sure they take all the goodness that their body needs - like fresh veggies and fruits. Because we don't want to them to grow unhealthy and overweight as it is becoming the nation's biggest fear.

    Not that there isn't any ways to lose weight though. I know few of my friends started buying and using diet pills from this shop and so far so good. They actually recommend it to my husband but none of these diet pills he is interested trying. He prefer and stick to his old one that he previously and currently use. Oh well, whatever works I supposed. Alright, my son isn't the slimmest boy in town but I'm working to help him trim down a bit and that will be our ultimate goal for this summer.

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Redruby said...

wish to keep a healthy lifestyle..yay!

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