Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Little one has an Allergy

It is possible that even the parents don't have the allergies the child still gets it. In our cases it's proven and I don't know why but it's the fact. My little one has got allergies but the thing is, we don't exactly know what he is allergy with. It could be many things. It could be nuts, an allergy reaction to Ibuprofen, seafood...God know's what! All we know for sure is he gets this skin irritation every now and then and it usually appear when he has any of the said thing that we suspected he maybe allergy with. Just like, two weeks ago when he had the same case again. After that, we thought it's best to take him for a test to be definite and so on. I know that allergies with the kids are so common these days but further action is a must when in doubt. And that is what we are going to do to make sure what food he can take and what to avoid.
Allergy attack but not really sure what cause it all but every now and then he gets something like this - we suspect it could be nut or ibuprofen allergy;(

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