Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Music Electronic Gadgets

How do you like music? Are you keeping up with the new trends? How about music gadgets? Do you have all these latest ones? When I was little I used to love playing guitar everyday even though I wasn't that good. And if I was given a chance I would probably take a voice lesson even if I didn't have the voice. Yes, I was that mad about music and really wanted to a pop star. Just as well we couldn't afford, I thought;). Anyway, I see potential for my kids and I might enroll them with other music instrument lesson. K, already can play piano and C just started. I just can't imagine them demanding all these newest and high-tech music gadgets. But it's better not be a traktor s2 for it cost fortune. I can only afford the low key ones. Well, it depends really...if they are as music minded as I wish them to be then maybe...

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