Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Officially on school holiday:)

Looks like I have to keep my kids entertain for 8 weeks as they are officially on school holiday. The end of term was last Friday at 12:30 and proud as I say they both brought home a very good school report, as always. We couldn't get any prouder and we can only but hope that they'll carry on the good work they've started all through. And the other thing they made us proud are their participation in their school activities. I may have mention this before but I'll mentioned it again that my princess K has been selected to be part of the Rounder's team (a girl's sports originated here in Britain which is introduced in America - made it a men's sports and rename it Baseball). Sports is becoming part of their everyday lessons and they'll have different ones introduce in every term. I must say, it's one of the reason why we got attracted to this school. But also they achieved in high academic. So, we will see how they'll do next school year. For now, I have to think of everyday activity that I can do with them while on summer holiday.

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