Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stick with the classic...

If you go with the flow you'll end up in debt. It is the problem to those who are trends follower and I'm no exception. I love buying what's on the trend but as I mature I learn to wait until it's on sale. Because most of the items/products I have are a result of impulsed buying and it ain't helping our future if we tend to spend more than we earn. It's the major cause of poverty in Philippines and still is because of a bad money management. So, I learn to wait and what's couple/few months to wait anyway? It is the period of time when the shops start reducing their newer trends. Not so different to furniture and other home accessories too. They tend to sale a lot these days and it's always better to be patience and wait for the right price you are willing to pay. Like, the round picnic table I so wanted this summer but the thing is, it will probably on sale in the end of season but do I need it now? Definitely not! So, I could buy this Autumn when it's already reduced, most likely half-price if not more then use it next summer. Sounds an idea, right? Or best stick with the classic so you don't need to keep changing it with the fear that it will be out of trends. But, I don't care about the trends when it comes to furniture because our house are mostly furnished with the traditional classic furniture. It's better this way, spent and splurged once but you can use it for the long-term/decades.

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