Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tastiest home-made burger

Okay, he went to work, did some grocery shopping and came home then cooked and prepared our dinner. How is that mean to be fair for him? Poor guy, yeah? You'll never hear him complain at all. He even put up with me all these years and still I has not change a bit, still a lazy butt and a moaner who likes doing nothing but b****r all day. I feel so much guilty but he said, I shouldn't need to because I did my bit by looking after the kids and do housekeeping while he is at work. Oh well, he loves cooking and honestly a better cook than me. As I said, I'll do the dishes afterwards. So, maybe he is right I shouldn't feel too guilty:) Oh, by the way this is what we all had for dinner tonight. Hubby's very own home-made burger. It's the tastiest ever...
Homemade burger for tonight's dinner

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