Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wedding bands are traditional

I can't imagine women like their husband not wearing wedding ring. Traditionally, both gender should wear  it. But to some couples only the woman who has a wedding ring. Gladly, my husband and I agreed that we should both wear our rings to keep our territories marked. But it's not necessary if both sides are getting married for the real reason, 'LOVE'. Being faithful and loyal to one another  is not base on any rings - but we do it as a tradition in which symbolise that your forever taken.  So, where should be the place to buy or ordered men's wedding bands as well as women? Well, several stores specialises wedding rings but the question is? Who've got the best quality, design, style and most importantly, the best and affordable prices that wouldn't break a bank balance? Oh, I highly recommend as they have a wide ranges of wedding bands from traditional cut to modern and are made of among the choices; silver, platinum, golds, bronze and diamonds. So, where else should you look? I suggest you take a visit and look at their great selections available. If I'm not wrong, they are offering some deals at the moment. So, it's the best time to shop around.

Gardening time...

Gardening together in a one fine afternoon. I truly believed that, 'a family that works together last forever'. Not only for our garden sake but it also serves as a good family bonding time. While they are working hard in our garden, I, was also busy capturing the moments. Yes, needless to record all these day-to-day life's happening but I did, nevertheless. 

 Okay, apart from taking pictures, I was also there to be their commander, haha. I commanded that they move my foliage plants to a bigger pot that we just bought that day from Homebase or B&Q. I can't remember which store now, but does it matter? NOT!
 As you can see, all our kids took part. So, not all Gremlins are bad, lol. Our daughter was happily sweeping the grass from our pavement and my 6 years old strangely love the idea of transporting the cut-grass to the recycle bin while the littlest was just happy to whatever he was being told to do but overall, he was purely overjoyed with the fact that he can be a little man with a job.

And the little fella was happy carrying along his flower pot all afternoon. Giving him importance was more than he could wish for. And that's how it should work. Appreciates each other no matter how less they contributed to the family. It's the effort that's count after all.
The husband, the Daddy and the mower!

Swept, she went!

oh, too sweet...

see how long the meadows? Oh my, it's like a jungle.

They could hardly be seen.

Oh, we planted onions as well.

my cute boys!

to the other side...

Beautifying one's kitchen without overspending...

People is undeniably different. Some likes big names, signatures, branded stuff and quality products while others likes inexpensive and affordable things. Other may like wooden kitchen, floors, metal, or tiles. It all depends to individual's taste, style and passion. Financial may also contributes a big part to our style. If one could afford, why not splurge out, right? But, there is always a path to everything. Like when it comes to house furniture, if all you can afford is a cheap kitchen cabinets then so be it. As long as it serves a comforting place to cook to serve meals meals everyday then that's all it matters. You can always accessorise and embellish your kitchen even with inexpensive stuff and still make it look more desirable, pleasant and presentable. It doesn't necessarily mean expensive stuff are decent. It's how you style it and how you arrange and make the entire look beautiful. If it suits your taste and budgets then other else views and opinions matter less. So, go what your pocket can afford to make your house a home. Be practical, shop smartly and spend less!

Monday, 20 August 2012

God's favour is simply amazing...

the hallway in our flat

our apartment's bathroom
flat's living room
Oh I'm missing our flat, we will be going there next week to pick-up some posts. Yes, we're heading to South again this Friday for some kind of end summer mini-holiday. We will be seeing family as well as friends. We will also be in London for few days before heading out to see Great Granny at the West side of the country. Kids couldn't wait any longer for the much awaited cheap vacation with friends somewhere in Hasting is past approaching. Probably worth visiting the battle of Hasting site? What do you think?We will see if we could actually take them off from the pool by then. They're so looking forward to it and I know they will have a great time.

   By the way, just posting pictures of our flat before we rented it out last year. As a landlord-to-be we made sure it is all in good condition. As you can see, it is newly decorated and even installed a new carpets. So lucky was our tenant to have all this apartment as good as new. Besides, it is located in the centre of the town which people usually preferred when renting for an easy access to the shops, trains and bus stations, hospitals, clinic and play parks.
the kitchen in our flat

     Honestly, I was never ashamed living in it for almost 5 years. It's a 2 bedroom flat and  with my family in it, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. I was just as content & happy in every little blessings that came our way. I'm saying this because of some issues in the past from those bunch of bitches who clearly didn't have a life of their own but rather looking and comparing each other's life. First, we own it and second it is worth more than their 3-4 bedroom houses in Jumerika. Goodness sake! If your too clueless to work out house prices between the countries then it is best just to shut up. It also depends where you lived - location has always been the prime selling point of properties. And, as far as I know the cheaper places here is still worth more than theirs anyway. But I know they were just jealous. Calling me LIBAT in the first place was obvious enough. Finding faults in me was the best thing they can do, just so they feel better themselves for they simply can't get over the fact that I'm not as bad looking as them, haha. Where are they now? Oh, they're still around and peeking in my blog occasionally. Even tried added me in Facebook but ignored them straight away. Though we have mutual friends who I presumed passing all the news every now and then. Point proven, to even post as many pictures in my page so they can have something to talk about. Let see who's heart will swell with envy? More so that I'm still happily married unlike most of them who are divorce and up searching for someone richer to provide their material ambitions and in return their man treat them no more than a sex toy, all dolled-up like a complete 'w***e'. Not totally a compliments. Thanked God for a decent man like my husband, who always treated me like a princess and truly love me for who I am. Not because I've got a sexy a** and t*** haha.

  So here's another thing to talk about. The picture shown below is our house back in South which we rented out to a very lovely couple whom promised us to look after our house just like their own. Yes, they simply love the big garden as much as we did. So ideal for a family with young children like us.
with our garden I so miss.
front garden that I like too with all the flowers and tress

our 5 bedroom house back in South of England near Gatwick airport

  Down below is our current place here in North Wales. It's even more spacious than our house back in South.  And it has a huge playroom upstairs which is big plus. It's a loft conversion that has turned into this big massive room. A perfect playroom as well as a storage room for our unwanted stuff.
the front view

And this is my very simple dining room. So nude at the moment. I think I needed few pictures to hand in the wall. Currently shopping for it...
my dining set is as perfect fit.
Looks like I needed a bigger rug. 

Here's the playroom I'm mentioned about. Definitely big enough for all their toys:)

The Boys room.

The staircase from the top floor;-)

Our little princess room

baby in Ate's room
with her king bed

The kitchen where I spent most of my time cooking and eating haha.

kitchen breakfast

 We've been blessed unexpectedly and we couldn't be more grateful. Worth all the patience for many years. So, do not rush things as it will come knocking at your doorstep in the less you expect it.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A must-have for Motorcyclist...

Hubby is not keen when it comes to motorbike and such. He thinks it's dangerous and no doubt it is if you ride on it without precautions. Wearing helmet is a number one factor that a rider have to seriously consider. I suggest one should even buy a complete motorcycle gears and apparels before going off the road. I have 2 boys and I won't be surprised if they'll ride a motorbike someday.  If that ever happens, I'll make sure they'll get to wear a joe rocket gloves  as they are made in quality and are designed to protect the knuckles of one's hand too as well as an expansion joints to give that extra comforts in riding.  It matter less whether they/you like the idea or not, for all we care is every rider's safety. 

F plan Diet (not all Fiber but Fruits) is coming on...

Ideally, a fruit a day keeps the doctor away. Often as not, I've said this to my kids. In fact, we have some display of pictures in our kitchen wall that says it. Though they love fruits and vegetables but also love's to eat anything that is put on the table. The truth is, I'm having hard time battling with their appetite, they seems to eat more and more each meal especially my 6 years old son. Admittedly, my fault for tolerating such habit. Should have stick with a child portion. Now my son is a little blob already and weighs more than a 6 year old should be. So, my ultimate goal this year is to always give him a little less portion of food in every meal time and more on fruits and veggies.  Without a doubt, he has got his Daddy's appetite and mummy to the extent. But not too late to make a move and start him getting fit. Before the end of this year, I'll assure he'll trim down, whatever it takes. Either giving-up the meat or simply a well balance-diet. More fruits & veggies - no, to more calories and carbohydrates. I must say, we have been good for the past few weeks, been very active too, so it's definitely a good start. Health is wealth after all. By the way, this is how much we consumed for half of the week.  

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Music Instrument as gifts ideas...

   Hubby is as always a little skeptical about this. But can't he really deny the fact that the most awaited annual holidays is past approaching? That is only few moths away. Before we knew it, we will be one of those people who always leave it to the last minute before they even start buying the bucket list of presents. The point I'm making here is, we can all start shopping around as early as now. Just to avoid being in that chaotic shopping malls with thousands of people panicking around trying to do their last minute shopping. So, convincing him to start our shopping for prospective presents is not a bad thing, if we find a good deal we can buy it, if not reserved it. At least this way,  we don't have to worry about stocks being run out. Now that we know what the perfect gifts to get for the kids then shopping for them is as easy as piece of cake. Yes, they've started their list straight after the last Christmas. That's how obsessive they are when it comes to presents. But looks like a Mixer Cases is a thing to consider since both kids will be joining a music class that is offered at their school. With all the choices of activities, music has been always their first choice and still is. Guitar, piano, violin and drum are the list of music lesson they are going to learn for this coming autumn term. So excited for them both as they get to engage along with music minded kids as well. Good way to boost their inner ability.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Industrious Fella Indeed

When should parents start teaching children some housework? As young as they can be long as they also understand the concept of it. But as the saying goes, 'do not underestimate's a child's mind' as they are able to understand more than we might thought they could.  Here's an example below...

Washing up
At this age, they like to imitate everything they see. So,  might as well give them something great to imitate. Something honourable and grateful. Something like this, cleaning the dishes for instance.

my little good boy
I don't even need to tell my toddler what to do he just copied what he sees me doing, all the time. Sometimes it's funny how he want's to have a nail polish too and hair clips.
He don't like mess, oh dear x bayotan kaha hahaha
He really is not a big fan of messy floor I think it's because he always hear's me yelling at them whenever our floor's got messy. Before I said anything, he went and got the brush and dust pan already and swept the floor haha.
Watering my indoor plants
He waters our plants too. He love's doing it as many times a day. It becoming an obsession, lol.
Climbing to his favourite spots
In here, he was about to open the door as we put some glasses back that we used the night before. 
Reaching the key
Here he go, it keeps him busy everyday. Just one of his many things he likes to imitate. With keys and door opening are among the things that simply fascinates him.
Sweeping & reaching the stranded leaf
Here's he was about to pick the leaf as he can't do it with a brush. He even call it flower, hehe. Ah, funny how his little mind work. He's definitely a good labourer, lol.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My babies first Circus experience...

    Circus is among of our many plans over the past years. Though, it took us this long to finally made this much awaited childhood experience happen. At one point we thought maybe they are not into circus show as they don't really show excitement whenever we see one along the way. It's one of the factor that parents have to consider at times. I, myself never experience such show in my whole existence nor I intend to watch it. But my views changed after seeing my kids got so excited last Thursday (9th of August 2012) while they saw this huge Marquee set-up at the beach front nearby the play park along with a little poster says a 'Circus show is in the town'. I can see how anxious they were and I can tell that they're really up for it.  And for only £4.99 each seats I thought it was a reasonable price. Little did I know that it was a promotion prices and was effective only at their first day. Shame, could have save us almost half the price. My fault for not actually reading the whole thing through. Ah, not the only time I got caught by this stuff. Shock as I was for I had to pay 4 seats for £40. But surprisingly, it was an awesome show. I didn't really expect anything much about it or enjoyed as much as I did. So, I stand corrected, as it was worth every penny.

  Below are the photos I took (10th August 2012) before the show starts. The only chance I can take picture as Photography was strictly prohibited in the show. These are good enough for me to capture my babies with their first Circus experience. Memorable it was, so glad we went.

At Circus 2012 My big babies First Circus experience 10/Aug/12 Babylove at the Circus while waiting to start 10/Aug/2012

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