Saturday, 18 August 2012

A must-have for Motorcyclist...

Hubby is not keen when it comes to motorbike and such. He thinks it's dangerous and no doubt it is if you ride on it without precautions. Wearing helmet is a number one factor that a rider have to seriously consider. I suggest one should even buy a complete motorcycle gears and apparels before going off the road. I have 2 boys and I won't be surprised if they'll ride a motorbike someday.  If that ever happens, I'll make sure they'll get to wear a joe rocket gloves  as they are made in quality and are designed to protect the knuckles of one's hand too as well as an expansion joints to give that extra comforts in riding.  It matter less whether they/you like the idea or not, for all we care is every rider's safety. 

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