Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An Industrious Fella Indeed

When should parents start teaching children some housework? As young as they can be long as they also understand the concept of it. But as the saying goes, 'do not underestimate's a child's mind' as they are able to understand more than we might thought they could.  Here's an example below...

Washing up
At this age, they like to imitate everything they see. So,  might as well give them something great to imitate. Something honourable and grateful. Something like this, cleaning the dishes for instance.

my little good boy
I don't even need to tell my toddler what to do he just copied what he sees me doing, all the time. Sometimes it's funny how he want's to have a nail polish too and hair clips.
He don't like mess, oh dear x bayotan kaha hahaha
He really is not a big fan of messy floor I think it's because he always hear's me yelling at them whenever our floor's got messy. Before I said anything, he went and got the brush and dust pan already and swept the floor haha.
Watering my indoor plants
He waters our plants too. He love's doing it as many times a day. It becoming an obsession, lol.
Climbing to his favourite spots
In here, he was about to open the door as we put some glasses back that we used the night before. 
Reaching the key
Here he go, it keeps him busy everyday. Just one of his many things he likes to imitate. With keys and door opening are among the things that simply fascinates him.
Sweeping & reaching the stranded leaf
Here's he was about to pick the leaf as he can't do it with a brush. He even call it flower, hehe. Ah, funny how his little mind work. He's definitely a good labourer, lol.


Jerla Oh lalala said...

good helper man si lil boy

texas_sweetie said...

kugihana dodong oi.... sayoha man nagkat on ug bulohaton... bisan unsang edara jud gats bisan 1 yr old pa cguro ug mahimo e train na kay para di maglisod ug panginabuhig ila ug moabot na ang panahon.

naa koy mga iyaan nga dli sila uyon mosugo or sugoon bulohaton sa balay ila mga anak kay lage mga bata pa lage kuno... nya karon nanagko na louy keu kay way buhat nahibaw an, tag baynte na mga edad kapin kada lihok call sa mama... kay lage sa bata pa di man sugoon...ang mama nga nagtrabaho pa inig uli mao pay mo lung ag sa bugas...

cassandrasminicorner said...

Good job! So cute:)


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwwww...what a cute little helper you have mamiHaze...:)

mao nay gitawag ug good parenting skills...:)

thanks sa visit!

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