Friday, 10 August 2012

Contemporary Bed

<3 my new duvet set for my super king bed :-)

    My bedroom is where my peace and quite is. And should it be beautify according to my taste. It's all started with my simple idea of a bedroom that I have in mind for years but finally had a chance last year as we moved in to our new home. We really thought that was it for the rest of our working life but no, we spoke too soon! We moved again due to the husband's job offer.

    Anyway, I got my new duvet set I ordered online few weeks ago from the site I stumbled incidentally from my usual browsing. After seen all their list of duvet sets, it's style, colours and design, I didn't hesitate to pursue an orders. Yes, sometimes online shopping can be a bit dodgy. Yes, I fear it won't be as exactly as described. Surprisingly, it's the finest I've got so far. It's really tailored well and I can tell the material is made from quality linens and it's very comfy. I am one happy customer indeed. I even plan to order some more in different colour and style but I totally forgot the shop's name and it's link. Hmmm, my emails deleted so the only place I can look is Paypal. Not tonight though coz I'm really sleepy and so ready for boos.

     Oh, having mention bedtime, tonight I have all my kids sleeping in with me and presumably until Daddy return from his business trip. It's exactly the reason why we upgraded from King size to Super King because we have both boys sleep in our bed every night anyway. I won't be surprise if next time we will upgrade to Eastern king size bed. In this case, we might have to directly upgrade to Caesar as it's the biggest size you can find. [LOL]

Width/Length           6'6"          6'9"           7'        7'3"
Single               3' x 6'6"    3' x 6'9"             3' x 7'      3' x 7'3"
Prince               4' x 6'6"    4' x 6'9"             4' x 7'      4' x 7'3"
King                      5' x 6'6"    5' x 6'9"             5' x 7'      5' x 7'3"
Superking              6' x 6'6"    6' x 6'9"             6' x 7'      6' x 7'3"
Eastern King     6'6" x 6'6"    6'6" x 6'9"     6'6" x 7'6'   6" x 7'3"
Emperor             7' x 6'6"    7' x 6'9"             7' x 7'      7' x 7'3"
Caesar             8' x 6'6"    8' x 6'9"             8' x 7'      8' x 7'3"

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