Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gardening time...

Gardening together in a one fine afternoon. I truly believed that, 'a family that works together last forever'. Not only for our garden sake but it also serves as a good family bonding time. While they are working hard in our garden, I, was also busy capturing the moments. Yes, needless to record all these day-to-day life's happening but I did, nevertheless. 

 Okay, apart from taking pictures, I was also there to be their commander, haha. I commanded that they move my foliage plants to a bigger pot that we just bought that day from Homebase or B&Q. I can't remember which store now, but does it matter? NOT!
 As you can see, all our kids took part. So, not all Gremlins are bad, lol. Our daughter was happily sweeping the grass from our pavement and my 6 years old strangely love the idea of transporting the cut-grass to the recycle bin while the littlest was just happy to whatever he was being told to do but overall, he was purely overjoyed with the fact that he can be a little man with a job.

And the little fella was happy carrying along his flower pot all afternoon. Giving him importance was more than he could wish for. And that's how it should work. Appreciates each other no matter how less they contributed to the family. It's the effort that's count after all.
The husband, the Daddy and the mower!

Swept, she went!

oh, too sweet...

see how long the meadows? Oh my, it's like a jungle.

They could hardly be seen.

Oh, we planted onions as well.

my cute boys!

to the other side...


Jerla Oh lalala said...

ay wow, team work. chores makes it more fun when everyone is involved and helping at each other.

Pepper said...

Gardening is an excellent way to bond with the entire family. It also teaches kids valuable life lessons early on.

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