Tuesday, 7 August 2012

how much do you like being a multilingual?

    My kids learn couple of languages at their school now. It's part of their subject and curriculum to learn French and Welsh and so far they have been taught numbers and other basics.  But for sure many more to learn as they level-up. And surprisingly they are very attentive and always came home with excitement to tell us about new words they've learn. Whereas others probably got bored in just one lesson. It's often the case. Fortunately not with my kids. They are really good and doing well with this languages. And,  I really love the idea of learning both of these languages myself. Perhaps soon?

   Oh, this is how much __________________________________________________> I love my kids to learn as many language as they can. Yes, wouldn't it be awesome if they are multilingual as it's often the requirements of most of the high-paid job these days. Good future waiting ahead! Well, its surely one of the biggest advantage. It's a reason why it's no longer a problem nowadays as people can easily hire a low cost certified translators anywhere, anytime with a high, consistent and excellent service. I bet any London based translators are doing well with all that millions of tourist from different countries who came to watch the Olympics. Without a doubt, their business are increasingly achieving high. If so, good for them!

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