Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New do but still prefer his long hair...

        Finally took him for a haircut prior to many comments that he looks like a girl or  worst people thought that my 2 yrs old is really a girl. It was a little daunting for me because I like his cute long hair and honestly missing it already. Oh, you should see me right after his haircut I was about to burst into tears because not only it was against my will but also the hairdresser didn't do a good job. He looks like a girl with a short hair afterwards, it upset me. I could have done a better job but never mind. Mind you, this is not his first haircut but a second one and believe that the first one was way better than this. It was a proper kids saloon after all. My bad for choosing a bad hairdresser. Have to investigate next time. We're new in the town so don't know everything that well yet. But as it grows it looks much better. But just look at the first moment after the haircut, an aftershock look. Terrible right? Even my husband disagree with me a million times but I still think he looks a lot cuter with a long hair.

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