Saturday, 11 August 2012

Teeth Whitening Solution

 Credit: Arm & Hammer
I have read several tips on how to whitened your teeth in an affordable ways and one best solution came up are the mixed of soot and salt. I was surprised to know that it's not only the Filipinos are applying such but Caucasians too. While others say, it is best to use a mixed of toothpaste, baking soda and peroxide. Must apply twice a day and brush at least for 2 minutes. But instead of doing it manually (as it takes time) I found a toothpaste that are exactly that. Advance White Stain Defense  of Arm & Hammer. I bought it a while ago and tried it once then decided that I didn't really like the flavour so I put it aside and stop using it until after I read the article about teeth whitening solution that mentioned the above ingredients. So, I start using it again and consumed half of the content already for a week now. This time, I'm used to the flavour and besides it's not about the taste but the goodness it'll bring to my teeth. And I must say it is more than just a toothpaste. It's extreme whitening and once you try it, rest assured your teeth will be no longer yellow. I can honestly see some slight changes with my teeth. So, needless to go for an expensive bleaching. 

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texas_sweetie said...

haha nag endorso ka ani gats? nahan ta ko paputi ngipon pero di ko nahan lami aning naay baking soda ay.

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