Friday, 3 August 2012

The advantage of private pool

Like others I also dream of owning a swimming pool but I know it is impossible to have one here in UK due to the weather. Yes, it is one of the major factor that need to be considered when having a swimming pool. Installing it might be easy and quite affordable enough but maintaining it is the harder part, a total major pain in the neck as what others say. Then all you get after is that very short warm summer days, maybe 10 days, if not less to be honest. It's just not worth all that hassles and costs. I know, because we used to have one back in Philippines. We are lucky enough for we can just hire a professional guys anytime when we don't feel like cleaning and chlorinating the pool. It takes a lot of hard work even though we have this special machine like intellichlor that makes the salt turn into Chlorine. But, the positive side of it is, the family can just relax, chill and enjoy without having to worry of disturbing others. That's what we call, 'a life's little luxury in the comfort of your own home'. Privilege indeed!

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