Wednesday, 1 August 2012

the long Summer Holiday...

        The kids have exactly 8 long weeks of holiday, longer that we all used to back in England. I kinda like it because I get that long period of time without needing to wake up early hours. But Daddy don't really have that many holidays left this year and if he have, it is saved for the oncoming occasions like Christmas and few other more. 

       Oh well, I have list of ideas on how to engage my kids to different activities in house or out. Plus, the privilege of living in the place where almost everything are just a door step away. So entertaining them would not be a problem. Even if I don't drive, still I can take the kids out as much as we like - be it walking around the town, shopping, hanging out at the beachfront or go to the nearest play park, whatever tickles our fancy. But even staying inside the house we still leave no room for boredom as there are plenty of things we can do such as baking, cooking, reading, drawing and playing. To be honest, the kids sometimes prefer not to go out at all. They have more entertainments inside. Television are among of the options, if given them a chance, they would choose to sit all day and watch all their shows quite happily. 

         But, I much prefer them to be active and would have been better if they have something more exciting to look forward to as they always have had before like the tennis camp and swimming lessons. But then, I see no point for its just another cost to us and their school offers a much better lessons/training anyway,  in all sorts of activities. And the idea to have/learn it during school days as part of the kids daily routine couldn't be more perfect especially to the working parents like us. More to the point, there is no need to rush and run into different places in a day. 

       Anyway, despite my refusal to spend more money for extra activities this summer, I still tried inquiring for local swimming lessons but only to find out that they haven't got any spaces left. Always too short notice, you see. Never mind the kids are just as happy to be able to access the local pool anytime. One of the many advantages of the amenities this town can offer.

      Having said that, we did our usual thing today. Went out for retail therapy and guess what? My 6 years old made a deal with me, that if I buy a thing, he and Ate (big sister) will also buy something. I almost couldn't believe what I hear. But then I thought it was just a fair suggestion. So, we negotiated in the end and that include him not whining while we are inside the shop as he always do out of boredom unless it's a toys shop then it's his idea of heaven, lol.  Oh will always be kids-:) 

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

oh boy! i hear you. my son only had a month vacation which was very uncool because that don't leave us more room for spending time together and me not waking up early in the morning. kakafoi baya pod no. at least your kids will get to enjoy outdoor activities through school.

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