Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ideal Gifts for Granny's birthday

I have mentioned in my previous post about how we are so luck of ideas for Granny birthday presents  next month. Now, I just realised upon checking hearing aid brands that she might actually need new ones? Because I noticed how she was too slow to respond with us the last time we visited her. Might be something to do with her hearing aids and that she needs an upgrade. I guess she is still using an old one that her kids bought her few years ago. She needs a good pairs of hearing device that really works well at her age and even better if we get her one that has a volume control in it. Then she can well adjust the volume according to her noise preference. And what more this devices is more discreet than any hearing aid you can find in the market. Plus, it is comfortable as well as affordable. So, I think this could be an ideal presents for her 98th birthday. Oh, now were talking...Hmmmm, I will definitely suggest this idea to my husband and see what he thinks. I honestly believe this could be an ace birthday gift for her. None of us really thought about buying her new hearing aids for quite a while now. No wonder,  her hearing is getting poorer each time I visit. This could be an answer to that. What do you think?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

An almost empty living room

Until now I'm still working on how to beautify my living space. I need more wall decors and ornaments around it to make it more colourful and lively. But still looking for the one I really like or we both like so I'm patiently waiting for that right piece of decors to put in that empty wall in between windows. Plus a big rug to place under the coffee table as well as corner table and lamps. Oh my, this lists will surely add ups and cost fortune. Oh well...
My so bold living room
Living room
On the other hand, I have my new dining accessories and this time I opted for green colours to give it a bit of life. Again, my dining room still need few wall decors, pictures and other appropriate ornaments. When would that be? That, I don't know? Still keeping an eye for some inspiration:)
Set up for tonight's dinner with beloved Auntie & cousin :-)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Unique Features of the Modern iPhone 5

Every new year, Apple hit the headlines with a new release. The buzz around their releases helps everybody realize the tremendous importance of this huge company and their latest technology news and innovations. For example, a few days ago at San Francisco, with the release of iPhone 5, both marketers and users were thrilled to discover the new features of Apple's latest product. In addition to being lighter and slimmer, the new iPhone 5 offers some unique features that make it be two steps in front of the competition.

The major changes in this new model are:

1. A bigger screen: there is no doubt customers will simply adore the new 4-inch wide panoramic screen. Featuring a 1136 x 640-pixel resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio, the screen of iPhone 5 can beat up the competition easily. To take advantage of this larger screen, Apple added an extra row of icons (a fifth one) on the main screen. According to recent surveys regular iOS users use an average of 100 apps, this enhancement is just perfect for buyers who prefer iOS over Android or Blackberry.

2. A lighter and thinner body: this is probably the first change you will notice. The inventors from Apple did a really great job, because they managed to shrink a 9.3mm-wide iPhone 4S to a more reliable and faster 7.6mm iPhone 5.

3. An improved camera: another important improvement for iPhone 5 is the 720p front-facing camera which captures images much faster than the previous version did. The outcome is a high-definition mobile Face Time and a panorama video camera which offers a better image quality.

4. A faster download speed: because of the long term evolution data networks, iPhone 5 can benefit of an amazing download speed, which is even faster than WiFi. Moreover, the A6 chip offers the same reliability at twice the speed, which means you can run several apps in the same time and still download at a great speed.

5. A better connector: since the launch of this breakthrough model, the old 30-pin connector cable will be used no more. The new model of connector, called "Lightening", works better with the computer ports and is lighter.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Granny is soon to be 98th...

Another busy half-term break coming up and I don't know how I can exactly fit all those schedules in my diary. Not to forget, it's my girl's birthday as well. But before that, we will be celebrating and having Granny's 98th birthday do at my in-law's house in Devon. At her age, we don't really know what to give anymore as she don't want a single thing because as often as not she'll say that she haven't got that long left in her life. Hubby and I think she still smoke occasionally but not to the point where we could still buy padron cigars as her gifts. Would have make life a lot simpler and easier when buying presents. However, gone are those days. Anyway, it would surely be another fun-filled celebration. Hope all is well with her and that she'll be up for it. She  was already a bit frail the last time we visit her and that was only  few weeks ago. It's a sad fact of life. Getting older and weaker every single day. So, might as well live to the fullest while we can and enjoy life as much, right? Oh yes, because life is too short after all.

Cuter and Chunkier with his long hair.. (Video)

I was browsing some old videos at Facebook and oh, it reminds me of how times flies. Like my little one, he is defintely getting mature every day. This video was taken last year August 2011 when he was only 17 months old and being so funny and silly while he is munching an orange. Oh my, look how cute was he then, still is though, but more baby looking in this video with his chunkier cheeks than now. And not to mention his long fringe that made him even cuter. How, I miss it so bad, lol. Oh well, its good that I have a video to look back at anytime and reminisce the days ;-) x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Benefits of Adding Patio

Summer may be on its way out, but there’s no reason why you can’t prepare for next summer, or even hope that it makes a brief return in the next few weeks. As part of your preparations, you could try to spruce up your garden while you still can so that by the time it comes round, you don’t have to spend hours getting it up to scratch for when you have visitors coming round for a barbecue. Buying some sun awnings found at Nationwide Home Innovations could be just the thing to have over your patio, but why?

Whenever you or your family feel like spending time in your garden, you’ll want somewhere cool to sit if the weather’s too hot or if it starts to rain. Having awnings from nationwide over your patio could be the solution to that problem. Sun awnings have a number of great attributes that make them a great addition to any home and garden, the main one being that they make it look more complete.

Sun awnings provide valuable protection against rain, snow, heat and extreme sunlight. In the latter’s case, a consequence of strong sunlight is harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause damage to skin and eyesight. On top of that, they provide shade when it’s needed, making it perfect for use during hot summers. Sun awnings can be placed just about anywhere, whether it’s over a patio, the main entrance to your home or even over windows to help block any intense sunlight. Wherever they’re placed, they’ll benefit you and your home in so many ways.

My little Builder, haha.

It's a joy to see my son enjoyed playing his blocks as well as learning from it. Out of my 3, he is the only one who settles down and play with this kind of toy for hours. He likes building blocks, or anything like it. If you carry on browsing down below you'll see more pictures of other things that he piled-up from previous times.

Can you see how he piled-up all these stuff in the picture below? Yes, it's a mixed of lotions, itchy cream, vitamins and etc...
#william tend to pile things up #toddler #milestone #development #learning #ipad #ipadgraphy #instagrammers #instahub

Even at the beach, he can entertained himself by piling-up beach rocks, haha. He is one funny little boy. Quite amusing to watch really. I'm just so proud of his vast development. [18 June '12]

Another beach time (14 Aug 2012) where he was playing with this beach rocks again. So fascinated by it and very clever I thought.

What Flowers To Choose For Her

The term ‘for her’, seems to be bandied about quite a lot these days and generally it seems to mean, from a male in a romantic relationship to his female counterpart. But why should it?

‘For her’, should mean anything from a father doting on his daughter to a well-earned Mother’s Day gift. To get you started on the right track, if you are looking for a gift for any female in your life, start with something broad like the options on the Interflora flowers page. There are gift baskets, chocolates, balloons and of course some of the most beautiful bouquets you can find!

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First time I've sat down today...

Being a single parent is sure tough. I just now realised it and I'll have all my sympathy to all the Mothers out there whom juggling motherhood, work and other extra jobs everyday. I, myself struggles from keeping everything right and on time for my kids schools, activities and such. With all the lists of activities that my kids joined, not only I'm having trouble remembering which days, it also involves me walking uphills, downhills, back and forth. Oh, when you want the best for you kids, it means sacrifising big time and I really hope one day they'll realised and appreciate how hard me and Daddy had to work in order for them to enjoy and experience the best of life can offer. Just like today, I had to pick them both up from the dry ski slopes and walked them down to our house with a toddler in towed. Can you imagine a very steep hill with a pushchair? Added to it are quite a few of carry bags that my older two each brought with them like my daughter's swimming bag with wet towels and swimsuit in it as well as a ski bag. It helped that Christian swimming is on the day before and wore his gym kit today at school so only had to carry his ski bag with him. And oh, plus my handbags filled with sandwiches and fruit juices. Yes, motherhood is tougher than I'd imagine but for my kids sake I'll do anything. Basically, this is what my blogs is all about, so please bear with my moaning and whining from time to time . But so glad today is over! Though tomorrow is another busy day ahead.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

K is in piano lesson and C is in recorder

Both my kids are into in this learning pace of musical instrument. My eldest started her first piano lesson this term, it's a once a week session and 10 lesson in total. Pricey but again she is worth it. Besides, Grandma offer to pay for it. On the other hand, my 6 years old have joined the recorder club every Monday morning. He just suddenly into music lately. Well, to be fair, he has been asking to attend a recorder class previously unfortunately the lesson were always full. So glad this time he was able to get himself in without even asking us in the first place, haha. That is how keen he is. So, I wouldn't be surprise if next year he'll ask for a drum lesson as well as piano. As of the moment, it is not offered to his age therefore he has to wait another year to be eligible in that specific instrument lessons. I think one in a time is more than we can afford to anyway. Thus, them asking for korg kronos will be inevitable in the near future. But its not something that we can easily afford though. So they might want to wait until they get a job that pays good money so that they can buy it for themselves, hehe.

Monday, 10 September 2012

First day of School 2012-2013

  Finally is back to school. No more sleeping late and waking  up late. Breakfast at 6 o'clock, get wash and change then to school they go. My kids just started last Thursday 6th of September 2012. Luckily Daddy is around to send and pick them up for the past 3 days. But that is only up today because tomorrow he'll be flying to Morocco and won't be back until Saturday. I'm afraid that he will do exactly the same the following week and the week after. So, it'll be me sending and picking them everyday via commuting. I can't complain because the bus station is just 3 minutes walk from our house. Literally, every 15-30 minutes are the buses interval, so no worries. The only drawback is, it's a little expensive as they increased the fair few months ago, so we're better off to buy the weekly worth of tickets. Should start my driving lesson soon. My husband keep's pushing me to learn to drive as it makes our life a lot easier. But, I'm not really sure if I can drive right hand, haha. I drove back in the Philippines but after 9 yrs still I can't switch my mind to the right hand driving. Hubby already got me the Provisional student application form months ago but haven't fill it up, I have pretended that I forgot, lol. Okay, must learn to drive!

 Anyway, I traditionally take photos of them during and after their school days. So, here's my little darlings on their school uniform all ready to jump-in the car for school, not-so excited, eh?

At the school playground.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Requirements for our next place...

Besides photography, posing, being vain and all that I also have other hidden hobby that I long to develop all this time. I would love to design my own garden and landscape it according to my taste. Plus, I have found some really interesting garden decors at TGGS Home lately and I wish I could bring them home sooner. Our house maybe spacious inside but unfortunately the garden is a little too small and too public. Oh well, it is not a permanent place for we are already searching and looking out for other houses in the market that have bigger garden. We decided that we need such space outside for the kids to get loose especially during summer time. I couldn't really trust letting them go and play in the front garden (which is bigger than the back one) to our current place right now. A little privacy would have been great but that's what we've got for now - so we have to live with it until we move to a new place again.

All done and ready for tomorrow's back-2-skol

Last night hubby and I finally paid the Autumn term school fees and it's really an ouch to our pocket but despite the cost we believed that our kids deserve it all - even if it means that we have to resume the not-so necessary needs a little longer. As we said before, we prefer to live without just to send them to a good school. Priority should always come first and that is a private schooling for our 3 munchkin. The important is, they will have a wider and brighter opportunity in the long run. Surely others may disagree with me on this but it is individual parenting after all. Whatever it is you believed that it can give a better future for your children then you should not take any second thoughts. Without a doubt, our kids are all worth every single pennies we have. Whether they'll nail it or not, that's up to them but at least in that way they couldn't bare a thought of blaming us for not giving them the best chance of life. Like today, we went to Bangor (40 minutes drive) just to have their P.E. uniforms fitted then eventually ordered it and is promised to be deliver to the school by tomorrow afternoon. Online ordering didn't work last night because of their rather not so accurate sizing description. Well, kudos to the proudest and most exciting Daddy ever for being able to take care of school stuffs in time. Very hands-on! 

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