Thursday, 20 September 2012

First time I've sat down today...

Being a single parent is sure tough. I just now realised it and I'll have all my sympathy to all the Mothers out there whom juggling motherhood, work and other extra jobs everyday. I, myself struggles from keeping everything right and on time for my kids schools, activities and such. With all the lists of activities that my kids joined, not only I'm having trouble remembering which days, it also involves me walking uphills, downhills, back and forth. Oh, when you want the best for you kids, it means sacrifising big time and I really hope one day they'll realised and appreciate how hard me and Daddy had to work in order for them to enjoy and experience the best of life can offer. Just like today, I had to pick them both up from the dry ski slopes and walked them down to our house with a toddler in towed. Can you imagine a very steep hill with a pushchair? Added to it are quite a few of carry bags that my older two each brought with them like my daughter's swimming bag with wet towels and swimsuit in it as well as a ski bag. It helped that Christian swimming is on the day before and wore his gym kit today at school so only had to carry his ski bag with him. And oh, plus my handbags filled with sandwiches and fruit juices. Yes, motherhood is tougher than I'd imagine but for my kids sake I'll do anything. Basically, this is what my blogs is all about, so please bear with my moaning and whining from time to time . But so glad today is over! Though tomorrow is another busy day ahead.

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