Friday, 21 September 2012

Granny is soon to be 98th...

Another busy half-term break coming up and I don't know how I can exactly fit all those schedules in my diary. Not to forget, it's my girl's birthday as well. But before that, we will be celebrating and having Granny's 98th birthday do at my in-law's house in Devon. At her age, we don't really know what to give anymore as she don't want a single thing because as often as not she'll say that she haven't got that long left in her life. Hubby and I think she still smoke occasionally but not to the point where we could still buy padron cigars as her gifts. Would have make life a lot simpler and easier when buying presents. However, gone are those days. Anyway, it would surely be another fun-filled celebration. Hope all is well with her and that she'll be up for it. She  was already a bit frail the last time we visit her and that was only  few weeks ago. It's a sad fact of life. Getting older and weaker every single day. So, might as well live to the fullest while we can and enjoy life as much, right? Oh yes, because life is too short after all.

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