Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ideal Gifts for Granny's birthday

I have mentioned in my previous post about how we are so luck of ideas for Granny birthday presents  next month. Now, I just realised upon checking hearing aid brands that she might actually need new ones? Because I noticed how she was too slow to respond with us the last time we visited her. Might be something to do with her hearing aids and that she needs an upgrade. I guess she is still using an old one that her kids bought her few years ago. She needs a good pairs of hearing device that really works well at her age and even better if we get her one that has a volume control in it. Then she can well adjust the volume according to her noise preference. And what more this devices is more discreet than any hearing aid you can find in the market. Plus, it is comfortable as well as affordable. So, I think this could be an ideal presents for her 98th birthday. Oh, now were talking...Hmmmm, I will definitely suggest this idea to my husband and see what he thinks. I honestly believe this could be an ace birthday gift for her. None of us really thought about buying her new hearing aids for quite a while now. No wonder,  her hearing is getting poorer each time I visit. This could be an answer to that. What do you think?

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