Tuesday, 18 September 2012

K is in piano lesson and C is in recorder

Both my kids are into in this learning pace of musical instrument. My eldest started her first piano lesson this term, it's a once a week session and 10 lesson in total. Pricey but again she is worth it. Besides, Grandma offer to pay for it. On the other hand, my 6 years old have joined the recorder club every Monday morning. He just suddenly into music lately. Well, to be fair, he has been asking to attend a recorder class previously unfortunately the lesson were always full. So glad this time he was able to get himself in without even asking us in the first place, haha. That is how keen he is. So, I wouldn't be surprise if next year he'll ask for a drum lesson as well as piano. As of the moment, it is not offered to his age therefore he has to wait another year to be eligible in that specific instrument lessons. I think one in a time is more than we can afford to anyway. Thus, them asking for korg kronos will be inevitable in the near future. But its not something that we can easily afford though. So they might want to wait until they get a job that pays good money so that they can buy it for themselves, hehe.

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