Thursday, 20 September 2012

My little Builder, haha.

It's a joy to see my son enjoyed playing his blocks as well as learning from it. Out of my 3, he is the only one who settles down and play with this kind of toy for hours. He likes building blocks, or anything like it. If you carry on browsing down below you'll see more pictures of other things that he piled-up from previous times.

Can you see how he piled-up all these stuff in the picture below? Yes, it's a mixed of lotions, itchy cream, vitamins and etc...
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Even at the beach, he can entertained himself by piling-up beach rocks, haha. He is one funny little boy. Quite amusing to watch really. I'm just so proud of his vast development. [18 June '12]

Another beach time (14 Aug 2012) where he was playing with this beach rocks again. So fascinated by it and very clever I thought.

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