Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Requirements for our next place...

Besides photography, posing, being vain and all that I also have other hidden hobby that I long to develop all this time. I would love to design my own garden and landscape it according to my taste. Plus, I have found some really interesting garden decors at TGGS Home lately and I wish I could bring them home sooner. Our house maybe spacious inside but unfortunately the garden is a little too small and too public. Oh well, it is not a permanent place for we are already searching and looking out for other houses in the market that have bigger garden. We decided that we need such space outside for the kids to get loose especially during summer time. I couldn't really trust letting them go and play in the front garden (which is bigger than the back one) to our current place right now. A little privacy would have been great but that's what we've got for now - so we have to live with it until we move to a new place again.

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