Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Potty train progress

Exactly 32 months that my son started potty train and it was only few days ago when he first wee in the potty and I am so proud that he eventually got the concept. Now, he is no longer in nappy during day time for couple days and he goes in his potty to wee even without me reminding him. Bravo to my little fella and next year he should be joining nursery school. WOW, is that quick! My baby is growing up so fast that I almost lost track that soon will also be my school boy just like his big sister and big brother. 

Anyway, the next thing I need to do is to try him without a nappy during night time. Slowly and we will accomplish things in no time. For now, I am just happy that he is cooperating and is not giving me a hard time while we are on potty train stage. Though, he is kinda late for this compare to his older siblings but kids are totally different and have their own pace in learning. Yes, like my other two, I am just as proud of my baby! 

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