Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ways to keep my kids behave...

Kids are a joy (yet tiring) and no matter how many toys and electronic gadget you provide them it still not enough to satisfied their needs. Sometimes it's challenging to keep them in the whole day or you'll have a place wrecked in no time. They are like dogs, you need to take them for a walk everyday. Well, they surely drive me nuts with their loud noises and worst fighting each other. Well, the boys are - they are just so hyper but at least they all do get along well. Only that their noise are unbearable at times, haha.

So, even if it is windy and cold I have no choice but take them for a walk or to the nearest play park. As long as it's not raining, I can do it. What I can't bear is having to hold umbrella's at the same time pushing the baggy. Oh, I can't wait for my youngest to walk longer distance without a constant begging  to be pick-up and you may think he is little but he can also get too heavy when carried too long and rest-assured I'll get back pain afterwards. Anyway, that is why I still need pushchairs unless it is only a short distance walk. 

Here's a typical scene of me and my kids at the play ground. I play with the little one and my older two spend hours in that swing. They tend to lost their interest playing with their younger brother as soon as we get to the play area, lol. They immediately run to either the swing or monkey bars. Good thing the park is just 10 minutes walk. Yes, this is one of the things I do to keep them busy and keep my mind in place, haha.

Me and my little one
Still here in the park at quarter to 9pm

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