Monday, 8 October 2012


Call me mad but I like to keep changing my bedroom covers and colours. It is becoming an obsession just liking handbags and shoes shopping, if not worst. Every now and then I keep eyeing for inspiration and new bedroom ideas. If given a chance, I would rearrange and redesign or even redecorate our bedroom but luckily budget is pretty limited after all the household bills and school fees. So the best thing I could come up with when adding or chaning room accessories and ornaments is to bargain hunt both online and in-store. Like my new find is the golden and blue stripes duvet cover (shown picture below) for £35 and additional £20 for the matching pillow cases. For super king size bed I think £55 is pretty good value, right? Well, the white covers came from my MIL and it is made with 100% Egyptian cotton which are very comfortable and cosy especially during cold season.
White, red and prints
Duvet set from MIL
<3 my new duvet set for my super king bed :-)
My good finds online...

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