Saturday, 24 November 2012

Schools and Projects

Have been researching about cell line authentication service lately for the fact that my niece needed it for their school project. Beside that, they also required to provide the equipment but really don't know where to get an affordable one. Or maybe there is available for rent out there, if any of you knows please let me know asap. On the other hand, few of my nephews are graduating high schools and that I am proud and happy that they have that determination to complete high school diplomas. I'm excited for them to start college soon and maybe university. With their looks and height, no doubt they can easily hired to any jobs available in the market. So, my wish is for them to carry on and that they won't mix to the lazy asses around who just don't anything apart from waiting to be given food in to their mouth. I'm proud of my family and to the extent my nieces and nephews.

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