Sunday, 16 December 2012

Caroling - a childhood memoir

I just have to imagine that I am in still in the Philippines and loads of kids caroling in the night and me listening to their sweet voices singing their heart out for an exchange of small coins and guess what? They will be as happy as Larry. I used to go with the crown in our town for caroling to neighbours and it was such a great fun. I guess that experienced is to remember again and again for the lifetime.  Oh well guitar was the most popular music instrument used in caroling so it won't be surprising if it still the most common one this time of the year. I bet there are several people looking for top tremolo these days. I won't be surprised though as it helps a lot to get that perfect tune back. Oh well if you happen to be looking for one then I suggest you check at online for availability. 

Christmas Ornaments 2012

It's merry and bright from our end that's the way to beat the winter blues because it has keep me busy all this time since I came back from Philippine trip. Oh, my husband has been also keen on my getting our decorations done while he is away so that I don't get bored or homesick. And it works, with the full spirits all around our place, it has kicked-out the blues away. I have just started the kitchen and have to finish our hallway then that should be for the rest of the the holiday season. I can't be bothered with the upstairs and even the top floor this time as it requires too much hard work. So, its only 9 days to Christmas and I should be about done tomorrow with this decoration craze. Oh well, I hope's my living area and dining but added a few decors since this photo was taken. Will update the photos soon in my FB ;) - yeah, show it off baby! 
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T'is the season :)

This of the year I bet there will be hardworking people receiving a handful of christmas trophies. Well, if so then they must deserved it. I know who deserved one greatest award this year and that is no other than my better behalf. If I could give the most responsible, hardworking, diligent man in the entire universe then without a doubt it would be my one and only ;). He have done the best all these years for the good of his family and especially kids. But one thing he wants to heard and felt for sure besides all this material awards are being appreciated of all his hard work. And myself is making sure than he'll get it everyday. To simply thanked him and tell him how grateful I am to have him as my husband. Did I sound so cheesy? Oh well, if I need to then this is the perfect time to say and show it. Thank you Daddy for being amazing husband, Father and most of all for being a man in your word! You are simply genius and have always excelled in everything you do. I'm proud and will always be :) xx

K's 11 birthday dinner at American Restaurant

 Again, another overdue post due to my busy schedules lately and yes it is understandable because of the coming holiday season. Everyone's busy, right? I am and still but I am sparing some time to update my blogs because of my tasks haha. Sounds like I have no choice or being forced but really am not just feel oblige. Anyway, tried out the newly opened American restaurant here in town just exactly at my daughter's 11th birthday. Food we're very good and service was good too but too bad they run out of their specially ingredients so had to go back next time and try it. But overall it was a fun night, just a perfect place after watching the fireworks display at the promenade. Here's some pictures, well if you know me then you should expect pictures sharing afterwards haha.
birthday princess 

Timeless trends

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WOW. Fur has never been out of fashion and every single season furs are always in. So, it is always sensible to invest a better and high quality fur coats and jacket because after all fur is classic and will always stay trendy. Just yesterday when I went strolling the mall I noticed almost all the shops display's have furs among other trends. And the one that really caught my eye lately is the furs at and if I have one more wish this Christmas it would be this elegant classic fur coats like at madison. But I know this is too much to ask especially when I just got back from my 2 weeks holiday in Philippines. After all, that was more than I could asked for this holiday season, having to see my family whom I haven't seen for years and thanks to my ever generous husband for making it all possible. I could say it was the best early Christmas present I ever had and perhaps I could start this early for my wishlists to next year's holiday season. [LAUGHED]

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