Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Ornaments 2012

It's merry and bright from our end that's the way to beat the winter blues because it has keep me busy all this time since I came back from Philippine trip. Oh, my husband has been also keen on my getting our decorations done while he is away so that I don't get bored or homesick. And it works, with the full spirits all around our place, it has kicked-out the blues away. I have just started the kitchen and have to finish our hallway then that should be for the rest of the the holiday season. I can't be bothered with the upstairs and even the top floor this time as it requires too much hard work. So, its only 9 days to Christmas and I should be about done tomorrow with this decoration craze. Oh well, I hope's my living area and dining but added a few decors since this photo was taken. Will update the photos soon in my FB ;) - yeah, show it off baby! 
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