Sunday, 16 December 2012

Timeless trends

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WOW. Fur has never been out of fashion and every single season furs are always in. So, it is always sensible to invest a better and high quality fur coats and jacket because after all fur is classic and will always stay trendy. Just yesterday when I went strolling the mall I noticed almost all the shops display's have furs among other trends. And the one that really caught my eye lately is the furs at and if I have one more wish this Christmas it would be this elegant classic fur coats like at madison. But I know this is too much to ask especially when I just got back from my 2 weeks holiday in Philippines. After all, that was more than I could asked for this holiday season, having to see my family whom I haven't seen for years and thanks to my ever generous husband for making it all possible. I could say it was the best early Christmas present I ever had and perhaps I could start this early for my wishlists to next year's holiday season. [LAUGHED]

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