Sunday, 16 December 2012

T'is the season :)

This of the year I bet there will be hardworking people receiving a handful of christmas trophies. Well, if so then they must deserved it. I know who deserved one greatest award this year and that is no other than my better behalf. If I could give the most responsible, hardworking, diligent man in the entire universe then without a doubt it would be my one and only ;). He have done the best all these years for the good of his family and especially kids. But one thing he wants to heard and felt for sure besides all this material awards are being appreciated of all his hard work. And myself is making sure than he'll get it everyday. To simply thanked him and tell him how grateful I am to have him as my husband. Did I sound so cheesy? Oh well, if I need to then this is the perfect time to say and show it. Thank you Daddy for being amazing husband, Father and most of all for being a man in your word! You are simply genius and have always excelled in everything you do. I'm proud and will always be :) xx

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