Saturday, 19 January 2013

Music instrument for less...

 I am waiting for that moment with one of my kids will demand an electric guitar. I know deep in my heart that the time will soon come. Now that my eldest is hitting the teenage life, she's surely have as many lists as teenager do as a way to scrape every single penny's from their parents pocket. Well, it is inevitable somehow and I shouldn't be surprise as we are already warn by parents who had through this. Yes, it is something all parents look forward to, right? In that case, there is always Daddy to tolerate things like this so I'll leave them to him, lol. What I can do is provide them online outlets, stores, shops that sells musical instruments in a reasonable prices like les paul studio at music123. It's always good to search through and find something affordable. With almost of their instrument cost of shopping are anyway so in that way we can save than buying it in stores. Online is the thing these days. You are stupid if you don't try it. It cost less, hassle free as it will be delivered at your doorstep. What's not to like shopping online especially things like music instruments? Guitar, piano, speakers and such are just a click away.

Happy in his own world

My little one is always content as long as he has the ipad. Sit him down in any corner in the house and provide him with any table you own then he'll be happy as larry. Yes, it is good to be physically engaging but admit it or not,  sometimes gadget makes our life a lot easier. I can do all my chores and having him happy for an hour or two without disturbing me constantly. He is physically active so I don't worry about him having a few moments sitting down quietly in the sofa and watch you tube. In this way, he'll leave me in peace doing things around the house that need to be done. Don't you all mother's agree?

A very softie Daddy ;)

Why go in stores if you could get this dj speakers at guitar center easily and quite affordable through online? Well, it is just that one of my kid is demanding one and my husband as always giving in to all what they ask for, easily. Now, he is thinking to go out and shop for it and I said why not look up at online and see if there is any cheaper we can buy. I see to that there is actually one plus a free shipping in all orders without minimum amount to spend. Isn't it a good deal? I bet he will not take my words for it as he often believes he is right all the time which is very annoying, to be honest. Anyway, I shall go with him so that I can strictly stop him to stick with our budget. Yes, it is quite an expense if your kids are into music that they want to have every possible music instrument they can get. And Daddy being an old Softie is giving in to his kids wishes. What else I can do?

Media Noche

A family that dine's together will stay forever. That I believed so...well during occasion's we do tend to eat in the table together. Also, we strictly imposed eating in the table together in the house. That way, we could at least do our family bonding's while having our meal. Talked about our day, kids school and what new things they learn. So, we are not perfect parents and family but we do try to spend quality time every now and then as much as we can. No matter how busy and tired we get we set aside family time every day.
Here's my husband's first Benoffee pie that he made with us . 

roasted pork for Media Noche.

ginata-an or fruit stew for our pudding

my angels :) <3 b="b">

tongue - out, blaaaah

the love of my life's....on New year's eve <3 :=":" td="td">

Technology will soon invade schools.. (Good or bad?)

Just this morning when husband and I thrown a conversation regarding the ways of how school will soon adapt in teaching their pupils/students using tablets. As we all know, it is becoming so high-tech nowadays and that without a doubt they (or perhaps some schools already did) imposing or introducing  this new and easy ways to teach kids while at school. Apparently, kids had to have IPAD for them to go to school. Of course, there is plus-sides and minuses - but that is yet to be find out, right? And for sure it will continuously grow popularly over time. My husband's argument would be, if it is still necessary for kids to learn to write. And I said, 'Yes' without any second thoughts because I believe that kids should know how to write first and foremost. Who knows technology might gradually collapse or just like 'life is a cycle' and it will eventually go back to where it started. The same goes to education and other life's learning process.  Anyway, we could always do tutoring our own kids if come's to worst or simply hire a professional tutors at TutorSpree and I'm sure there will be loads of other ways in learning to write, read and etc's. If this tablet thingy will be totally implemented as an equipment to teach kids at school then I reckoned it would lost the kids ability to learn to write or learn in a traditional way. Shame it would be but oh well, tutors are there to the rescue as always.

NYE table set-up

As a tradition we celebrate new year's eve at home. Although, I was out with friends earlier that night for a new year's eve girl's night still I made sure I was back before the clock strike midnight. Welcoming the new year with my family around is a must. I grew-up spending new year's day at home with my family back in Philippines so I am imposing or bringing this belief to my own family right now. When this would last? That, I don't know until the kids are young enough to celebrate it with us, I supposed. Anyway, since we had our Christmas eve dinner at our dining room, we decided to used the kitchen table for our Media Noche. I don't know why, but it seems that we always have blue every new year's eve. Well, that might to do with new year's themed? Anyway, as always I got my 13 kinds of fruits as well as sparkly beverages. Will post what we had for our Media Noche later.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

For my Photo Albums project

Holiday is so over and then you think everything are back to normal but it ain't really because there are tons of things needed to organise and re-arrange around the house. Taking down Christmas decors are one of them and I know how lousy and sluggish I can get when it comes to removing seasonal ornaments. Like now, my decors are still scattered in the dining room unbox. Just actually had the mojo to take it all down last night then I got bored in between and left it loose until the next time I get myself motivated of boxing it all in. Oh well, I got whole day tomorrow doing nothing so I should make a point of kicking my arse to do it. Anyway, besides that I also need to sit down and picked all the photos I need to print for my album. More so, I badly a new cartridges and ink toner and really wishing for a discount toner right now as I am broke after celebrated the most expensive season of the year. I could do some discounts or any other reductions when printing photos or doing my albums. Ah, would love to print as many photos I captured last year. Maybe I should investigate on a better printing machine before I start doing this project, what do you think? Can you suggest the best printer on the market regardless of the price?

Family Portraits during Holidays

We did our family portraits as always over the holiday season as a tradition for many years now. It is without a doubt everyone's least favourite thing to do on Christmas day but I give them no choice but pose for me if they want to carry the most awaited part which is opening the presents, lol. Although not their best smile but at least not the worst one either. I settled after few attempts and picked the one's that goes to my family album. That if, I'll get round to printing all these, lol. Which one is your favourite? Oh, got the chance to shoot the kids with their Grandparents too as well as with their only Auntie. Cool, right?

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

A big step down :)

Romeo cigars is another thing I thought of giving my husband as a present but because he already given up smoking cigarettes I had to rethink. Yes, it made me so happy knowing that he is finally giving up after years of nagging him. Well, he is currently smoking this electronic cigarettes but that's is a great start. It is therefore a great start  to totally eliminate his bad habit and I'm so proud of him for doing so. He did it because he loves us and he wanted to start and begin a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't wish for anything more and I look forward to the day where he also give up caffeine drinks such as cola. He is getting there and then the diet's and exercise will then follow. Oh, I'm truly grateful for all my prayers are slowly answered. I couldn't thanked HIM enough :) xx

Family Christmas Presents

Yes, Father Christmas came on Christmas and brought so many presents for the kids. They must be good to get all these from him. A full stocking each and more from us and the rest of the family later on that day and on. 
Btw, click each photo to enlarge :)
Christmas it is! Father Christmas made the kids so happy year after year. Thank you!
Look, how excited they were opening all of their presents from Father Christmas every Christmas morning. 
And guess what? They gave us these too as our Christmas presents from them. Aren't they sweet and thoughtful?
And look who got a PS Veta on Christmas? Cool right? Yes, our boy deserved this treat for being good most of the year :)

And our princess also deserved to get this Blackberry playbook. It's not about the presents, right? But we are just human after all ;)

And the little fella is just happy to get whatever there are inside the presents, lol. Well, he  certainly got loads :)

Lastly, me and hubby wore our little gifts for each other. He got me a wayfarer sunnies and I got him that leather jacket he is wearing :) and few other's stuff he got me too despite of my big Christmas presents earlier on, my trip to Philippines :) - that was the best gifts ever.

Winter Puff for Him

This winter parkas here is what I was supposed to get for my husband last Christmas but didn't had the time to buy it so got him a leather jacket instead. Well, I'm still thinking to get him this for his birthday because the leather one is not good for wet weather at all. Rain can ruin or damage the leather otherwise. So, it's always good to invest in something decent and great quality water proof jacket as it is guaranteed to last longer than to any cheap materials. Surely, there ain't no better than the northface or petagonia brands. But had to wait for his birthday though as I ran out of ideas what to give him. So, it best to save this ideas for that special occasion. Or maybe this coming valentines day. Or even for our anniversary, would be cheaper by then I guess as summer will be approaching so winter stuff will definitely be on sale. To be fair, this puff are already on sale right now. So, I'm really tempted to buy it and just keep it for the coming special occasions. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nochebuena 2012

Our first Noche Buena since we moved here in Wales and we did great. Hubby as always was so hands-on when it comes to preparing food and me with the decorating the dining room and setting-up the table for our special family dinner. Simple but surely memorable night it was. The kids certainly enjoyed the moments and looking forward to have this printed for our family albums. Well, that would be one of my projects this year ;)
                                                      P.S. Click each photo to enlarge :)

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