Saturday, 19 January 2013

A very softie Daddy ;)

Why go in stores if you could get this dj speakers at guitar center easily and quite affordable through online? Well, it is just that one of my kid is demanding one and my husband as always giving in to all what they ask for, easily. Now, he is thinking to go out and shop for it and I said why not look up at online and see if there is any cheaper we can buy. I see to that there is actually one plus a free shipping in all orders without minimum amount to spend. Isn't it a good deal? I bet he will not take my words for it as he often believes he is right all the time which is very annoying, to be honest. Anyway, I shall go with him so that I can strictly stop him to stick with our budget. Yes, it is quite an expense if your kids are into music that they want to have every possible music instrument they can get. And Daddy being an old Softie is giving in to his kids wishes. What else I can do?

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