Sunday, 13 January 2013

Family Christmas Presents

Yes, Father Christmas came on Christmas and brought so many presents for the kids. They must be good to get all these from him. A full stocking each and more from us and the rest of the family later on that day and on. 
Btw, click each photo to enlarge :)
Christmas it is! Father Christmas made the kids so happy year after year. Thank you!
Look, how excited they were opening all of their presents from Father Christmas every Christmas morning. 
And guess what? They gave us these too as our Christmas presents from them. Aren't they sweet and thoughtful?
And look who got a PS Veta on Christmas? Cool right? Yes, our boy deserved this treat for being good most of the year :)

And our princess also deserved to get this Blackberry playbook. It's not about the presents, right? But we are just human after all ;)

And the little fella is just happy to get whatever there are inside the presents, lol. Well, he  certainly got loads :)

Lastly, me and hubby wore our little gifts for each other. He got me a wayfarer sunnies and I got him that leather jacket he is wearing :) and few other's stuff he got me too despite of my big Christmas presents earlier on, my trip to Philippines :) - that was the best gifts ever.

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