Monday, 14 January 2013

For my Photo Albums project

Holiday is so over and then you think everything are back to normal but it ain't really because there are tons of things needed to organise and re-arrange around the house. Taking down Christmas decors are one of them and I know how lousy and sluggish I can get when it comes to removing seasonal ornaments. Like now, my decors are still scattered in the dining room unbox. Just actually had the mojo to take it all down last night then I got bored in between and left it loose until the next time I get myself motivated of boxing it all in. Oh well, I got whole day tomorrow doing nothing so I should make a point of kicking my arse to do it. Anyway, besides that I also need to sit down and picked all the photos I need to print for my album. More so, I badly a new cartridges and ink toner and really wishing for a discount toner right now as I am broke after celebrated the most expensive season of the year. I could do some discounts or any other reductions when printing photos or doing my albums. Ah, would love to print as many photos I captured last year. Maybe I should investigate on a better printing machine before I start doing this project, what do you think? Can you suggest the best printer on the market regardless of the price?

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