Saturday, 19 January 2013

Media Noche

A family that dine's together will stay forever. That I believed so...well during occasion's we do tend to eat in the table together. Also, we strictly imposed eating in the table together in the house. That way, we could at least do our family bonding's while having our meal. Talked about our day, kids school and what new things they learn. So, we are not perfect parents and family but we do try to spend quality time every now and then as much as we can. No matter how busy and tired we get we set aside family time every day.
Here's my husband's first Benoffee pie that he made with us . 

roasted pork for Media Noche.

ginata-an or fruit stew for our pudding

my angels :) <3 b="b">

tongue - out, blaaaah

the love of my life's....on New year's eve <3 :=":" td="td">

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