Saturday, 19 January 2013

Technology will soon invade schools.. (Good or bad?)

Just this morning when husband and I thrown a conversation regarding the ways of how school will soon adapt in teaching their pupils/students using tablets. As we all know, it is becoming so high-tech nowadays and that without a doubt they (or perhaps some schools already did) imposing or introducing  this new and easy ways to teach kids while at school. Apparently, kids had to have IPAD for them to go to school. Of course, there is plus-sides and minuses - but that is yet to be find out, right? And for sure it will continuously grow popularly over time. My husband's argument would be, if it is still necessary for kids to learn to write. And I said, 'Yes' without any second thoughts because I believe that kids should know how to write first and foremost. Who knows technology might gradually collapse or just like 'life is a cycle' and it will eventually go back to where it started. The same goes to education and other life's learning process.  Anyway, we could always do tutoring our own kids if come's to worst or simply hire a professional tutors at TutorSpree and I'm sure there will be loads of other ways in learning to write, read and etc's. If this tablet thingy will be totally implemented as an equipment to teach kids at school then I reckoned it would lost the kids ability to learn to write or learn in a traditional way. Shame it would be but oh well, tutors are there to the rescue as always.

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