Sunday, 13 January 2013

Winter Puff for Him

This winter parkas here is what I was supposed to get for my husband last Christmas but didn't had the time to buy it so got him a leather jacket instead. Well, I'm still thinking to get him this for his birthday because the leather one is not good for wet weather at all. Rain can ruin or damage the leather otherwise. So, it's always good to invest in something decent and great quality water proof jacket as it is guaranteed to last longer than to any cheap materials. Surely, there ain't no better than the northface or petagonia brands. But had to wait for his birthday though as I ran out of ideas what to give him. So, it best to save this ideas for that special occasion. Or maybe this coming valentines day. Or even for our anniversary, would be cheaper by then I guess as summer will be approaching so winter stuff will definitely be on sale. To be fair, this puff are already on sale right now. So, I'm really tempted to buy it and just keep it for the coming special occasions. 

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