Friday, 1 February 2013

2 of my kids are sleeping over tonight

Yes, my older 2 are sleeping over tonight at their friend's (school friend's) house. K's one were planned as usual and besides it is her 2nd sleep over since we moved her in Wales but C's one is as spontaneously done, lol. Supposedly, he just go for an afternoon play right after school but we got text from his friend's Mum earlier asking if it's okay for him to stay in the night? Why not? It's Friday and he kinda likes spending time with his friend too playing mindcrafts and etc. And again it is his 2nd time sleeping over as well. Only drawback this time is he hasn't got any pajama's. Oh well, they said, they could lend him. Anyway, K will be home later tomorrow and C will be home earlier. Ah, missing my kids already and I know I have to get use to this idea for soon they'll hit teenagers they're gonna be spending some nights away from us. Well, not only me who misses them but as well as their little brother. He sure misses his 'Kuya' and 'Ate' :). Yes, it is quite usual for our house to be very quite for this time of the night as I normally heard them shouting, fighting and crying. Oh well, no matter how malikot my kids are still want's to have/keep them 24/7 if I could.  Anyway, did some photo editing before bedtime and thought of sharing it here...

[Click each image for larger view]

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