Friday, 8 February 2013

How your bedroom looks like?

Just the other week I been swapping bedrooms around and rearranging beds. Our guest room now turn dressing room is still full of clutters and I'm hoping I'll be able to finish organising it this weekend. My son's room will now turn guest/laundry room as he is sleeping with us in our room at his own bed. Little one still in our middle and don't know when he grows out of it but just have to savour while they are still young enough to spend and slept with their parents. I'm sure not all of the parents out there will agree to this but for us it's just the matter of enjoying their babyhood. Anyway, talking about bedroom set-ups I kinda like this one in the picture as it is soothing and the ambiance is as perfect as I'd picture to be my bedroom in the near future. Soon as we get the boys out in our bedroom we will change everything into a romantic warm theme like the picture shown above. The bed frame is pretty stunning, the lightings and how it simply arrange. Simple as it looks, no more than one ornaments. I like it that way. For more bed frames and bed/bedroom ideas click here and it will lead to various of choices. That is where I am going to get ours in the future. Oh, must have memory foam mattresses as like we have now or maybe will keep what we've got and just replace the bed frames. How would you like to arrange your bedroom? Feel free to share your ideas...

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